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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Really great! I love the way you did the pose and the Mask. really great picture overall..

If I should say something about the picture then you would have to brighten the cape abit.. when just looking at it, I can only see the feet and the belt with knives. Thetrousers and the torso are kinda "blacked out"

Otherwise really great work and it looks good!


NewGrounds NewGrounds

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty neat!

Quite nice actually. I love how the colors match and yet they don't..

If I wanted to correct something in this picture. Then it would be the "NG" letters. The N looks a bit thin, and the G looks like it didn't get "twisted" enough...

You could try drawing it up with a pencil. If I should give you some advice that helped me then be self critical to a point where it isn't too much.. Think about how it looks, if the things will match and if you're unsure, then try to erase and draw it in some other way untill it looks right...

Love the colors. Love the way it's set up, really nice picture to look at! keep at it and you WILL get better :)


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sniperleader1337 responds:

thanks alot man. i attempted with the pencil on the lines,everywhere there was a seperation of colors, there was pencil. it did'nt really work out though, i'm just the kind of person who doesnt want the limitations. thanks for the review, i'll use some of yer tips next time.